Ready to Serve Texas Senate District 25

Picture of Shannon K. McClendon

Serving Texas

Shannon is a proven and dedicated leader.   She has served as a Texas public servant for years for state Agencies and Boards.  As a gubernatorial appointee, Shannon was an officer on the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, Texas Appraisers Licensing and Certification Board, and the Texas Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Board (now part of TDLR).

Private property of landowner

United By Common Goals

For more than two decades Shannon has represented landowners, homeowners, ranchers, and farmers helping them protect their private property.  She understands the value of private property rights, preserving the environmental integrity of lands, and assisting in the stewardship of property.

Fiscally Conservative

Shannon is a fiscally conservative Republican.  She has been active for years with the National and Texas Republican Party.

Please Take Action

• You can help make sure that Shannon can reach all of her potential voters.  

• Take action to show that you are ready for an effective and dedicated leader with priorities focused on what will allow Texas and the communities in Texas Senate District 25 to prosper.

You can contribute electronically by clicking the link below or checks payable to the Shannon K. McClendon Campaign can be mailed to:

 1302 Overland Stage Rd.

Dripping Springs, TX 78620