Shannon K. McClendon

Shannon and her parents and her nephew who was visiting from the Marines.

5th Generation Texan & Proud Military Supporter

      Shannon's parents, Mike and Barbara McClendon were high school sweethearts at Texarkana High.  Like her parents, Shannon was also born in Texarkana.  Shannon appreciates and comprehends the need for a strong defense, in part because she had the good fortune of being raised in a military family -- her father was a career naval aviator and commanding officer of a U.S. Naval Facility, he is now a full-time rancher.

      A strong defense and a need to control and protect our border from drug and human trafficking is an important priority for Texas.  Another key concern is for us to address and create a healthy environment for our veterans as they return home after deployment.

Advocate for Justice & Private Property

       Shannon McClendon has a long history of fighting for justice and the rule of law.   As an attorney she has worked on behalf of a variety of participants in the energy industry in Texas, including private property owners.   She has also served at the pleasure of Governor Rick Perry as a board member of the boards that license and regulate a variety of professions, including professional engineers, appraisers, and speech pathologists and audiologists.

Your Best Option for Senator

Shannon McClendon will work to make sure that your priorities are the priorities of the Texas Senate.   She has the history and background to be an effective leader and advocate for the people in District 25 and Texas.