Endorsements & Supporters

San Antonio Express-News

This recommendation for McClendon, who represents utilities and landowners, is as much about her being a quality candidate as it is about policy positions Campbell has taken.  Chief among the suspect positions was Campbell’s support for the so-called bathroom bill last year, a measure that failed.  This alone should cause voters pause. Thoroughly decried by both rights advocates and the business community, the bill would have required transgender Texans to go to the bathrooms according to their genders at births.  This was a carnival show distraction that made Texas a laughingstock and drew attention away from real issues.

Texas Parent PAC

Our pro-public education group endorses Republican Shannon McClendon for Texas Senate in District 25.  She is the real deal:  smart, effective, and a strong advocate for our schools, families, and taxpayers.  Her opponent, Donna Campbell, called public education a "monstrosity." Shannon McClendon believes public education is the key to a better future, and she will stand up for children in 20 school districts. 

Texas American Federation of Teachers

On behalf of Texas American Federation of Teachers' (Texas AFT's) 65,000-plus volunteer members, Texas AFT endorses Shannon McClendon for Senate District 25.  Texas AFT appreciates Shannon McClendon's support for public education in our state and for those who serve our students in the public schools and public institutions of higher education.   This endorsement is made possible by the Texas AFT Committee on Political Education.

Texas State Rifle Association

We are pleased to announce to TSRA members in Senate District 25 that your candidacy is scored with an AQ.  The AQ rating is the highest rating a non-incumbent can achieve.

National Rifle Association

On behalf of NRA's Political Victory Fund and our members in Texas Senate District 25, I am pleased to announce your AQ rating for the 2018 election cycle.  The AQ rating is the highest rating a non-incumbent can achieve.

Texas Classroom Teachers' Association

The Texas Classroom Teachers' Association's political action committee (ACT For TCTA) expressed appreciation for my support of public education and my interest in enhancing the quality of education and the teaching profession.

Fifty thousand teachers and related non-administrative professionals across the state are members of the Texas Classroom Teachers' Association.  TCTA is a nonpartisan professional association that does not endorse candidates for public office.  It does, however, acknowledge my dedication to public educations.